WANT TO TELL YOUR STORY ON SPECIFICALLY FOR SENIORS? Here's your chance to tell us your story.

Specifically for Seniorsis a podcast for those of us in the "Remember When..." Generation. It's one of the very few podcast designed specifically for, by and about those of us older than 65.  

At our age, we all need someone to talk to or just listen to who understands what it’s like to be older, most probably retired, with or without kids and grandkids and one or more of any numerous ailments that afflict our generation.  We’ve realized that it is not our world anymore, it belongs to younger generations. And many of us have just begun to understand how our parents felt when they reached the age at which we are now.  

So Specifically for Seniors was developed so that  we would have an online location to talk, to learn, and to share ideas. If you are old enough to "Remember when...", Specifically for Seniors is the podcast for you. 

We will be covering topics on a wide range of topics - some fun like talking to those who entertain us, about sports we play, our hobbies and pets, places to eat and visit, and trips we’d like to plan.  And some will be present information essential to our well-being like COVID-19, Managing our Finances, Staying Healthy and Well, and Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care. 

Sure we’ll be talking to guest experts, but most of all we’d like to talk to people like you who have a story to tell, even one that your grandkids are tired of hearing. Let us know if you have taken a great trip, a famous person you have met, your concerns about getting old about being alone, your stories about being in the service, or your hobbies and anything else that’s on your mind.  If you are an author read us a story or a poem you have written, and if you are a musician, play something for us. 

Consider Specifically for Seniors a place where you can meet for coffee or lunch with a friend.  That’s the thing about podcasts, we can talk as much or as little as we want, about anything we wish. There are no time constraints, and there’s no limit to the number of podcasts we can do so we can share our experiences and spend some time together.  

 If you like to be a guest, click here and let us know using the Guest contact form and we’ll get back to you. If you’d like to suggest someone or a topic you’d like to hear about  -click here and we’ll do our best to find a podcast guest for you.  

So until we meet online, this is  Specifically for  Seniors

Let’s talk.

About the Host

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Larry Barsh


Larry Barsh

Larry is an 85 year old retired dentist originally from Boston, Massachusetts. During his career he has published a textbook in dentistry and many scientific articles, taught dentistry at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, lectured in the United States and abroad, has been studio photographer for both the Jane Pauley and Catherine Crier Shows, hosted a call-in Ask the Doctor radio program on WBZ radio, had photographs published in Rolling Stone, Variety,  People and The Boston Globe. Larry has developed web sites commercially, and developed and hosted the web site Snoring Isn't Sexy - a site featuring dentists who provide therapy for snoring and sleep apnea. His other web site at www.adlibdesign.com displays much of his artwork.