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Short Stories

The stories on this page are a tribute to the amazing lives of the residents of Orchard Cove and New Bridge on the Charles and others.

Everyone has a story that is particularly important to each person. It might be a story about a specific event, a certain time period,  an interaction with someone that changed their life forever or a story that they have written. These stories are often deeply personal and can shape a person's identity, beliefs, and values. They can be  life lessons, full of joy or sadness or wisdom, an event or encounter that you will remember forever, something you would like your grandchildren to know. It is your story.


Rabbi Joel BaronDavid RubinEdna Ritzeberg
The story of how the decision to become a Rabbi at age 61 fulfilled a lifelong dream.An oblique protest piece against the proliferation of military assault weapons throughout American society.A long distance courtship, reliant primarily on letters that made their way from South Africa to the midst of the world's oceans and back, resulted in marriage in 1956.
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Bryna Paston

Joan Halperin 
My life as an actor and the fun I've had acting.My grandmother and I visited a fortune teller 
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