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June 25, 2022

Salt Water Fishing with a Fly Rod

Salt Water Fishing with a Fly Rod

I fished quite a bit when I was younger and even made several attempts to learn to cast effectively with a fly rod, a skill, incidentally, that I never came close to mastering. I had heard of Orvis but had never had the pleasure of meeting the man behind The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing - Tom Rosenbauer.

And I incorrectly assumed that as Isaak Walton wrote in The Compleat Angler in 1653

I care not I, to fish in seas

Fresh rivers best my mind do please

Whose sweet calm course I contemplate

And seek in life to imitate

fly fishing was limited to fresh water lakes and streams. But no so. 

On the next Specificaly for Seniors podcast I talk with Tom about gear - from choosing the right fly rod, reel and line to the different types of fly needed. We talk about Orvis and the best places to get advice about fishing with flies wherever you live.

As many of you regular visitors to the podcast know, we are based in south Florida so I took the opportunty to ask Tom about fly fishing in Florida.  Many of us envision fly fishing in a stream in Montana on a crisp spring or autumn day with leaves changing color or trees beginning to leaf, but Tom states that Florida is great for both salt water fishng as well as in canals, and lakes. He talks with me about what to fish for in the Sunshine State.

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