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Feb. 25, 2022

Why did I start a podcast at age 85?

Why did I start a podcast at age 85?

  As I grow older, I find that everyone expects me to act like an old man. I have been advised to learn canasta, to play bocce and relax and enjoy the last few years of life. But that is not me. 

     Specifically for Seniors is, for me, a way to stay in touch with the world. By committing to a regular schedule of podcasts, I stay in contact with the world around me. By reaching out to friends and strangers both, I learn what others think and feel. But most of all, and to be absolutely honest about it, Specific for Seniors is just a way for me to hang with people that I think are smart, cool and fun to be with.  It gives me the excuse to contact people who are well-known and who I would never would have the opportunity to talk with.

     I have no intention of going "quietly into that good night." Trust me, I know I'm old, my joints remind me of that every morning, but I don't have to act old. And I hope my generation(s) - the "Remember when..." generations - will follow me into the world that exists around us by staying alert, active and fulfilled.  Get involved, get connected and stay connected.

     Life has a way of handing you a bunch of roses in an unexpected way, but come along on our journey. It's going to be a fun ride, and you're invited.