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Feb. 2, 2022

Introduction to Specifically for Seniors

Introduction to Specifically for Seniors
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Specifically for Seniors - a podcast specifically for those of us in the "Remember when..." generation. There are relatively few podcasts specifically for seniors and fewer still that are hosted by a member of the “Remember when…” generation. I’m 85 at this recording time so I guess I qualify. I’m a retired dentist from Boston and my studio is a spare bedroom in a gated 55 plus community in southern Florida, so, if during any podcast you hear a doorbell ringing, a dog barking, or a washing machine going, it’s just life and I probably won’t make any effort to edit it out. Because this is a real podcast, by real people and for real people.

At our age, we all need someone to talk to or just listen to who understands what it’s like to be older, most probably retired, with or without kids and grandkids and one or more of any numerous ailments that afflict our generation. We’ve realized that it is not our world anymore, it belongs to younger generations. And many of us have just begun to understand how our parents felt when they reached the age at which we are now.

So Specifically for seniors was developed so that  we would have an online location to talk, to learn, and to share ideas. If you are old enough to "Remember when...", Specifically for Seniors is the podcast for you.

If you like to be a guest, just go to sfstalk.com and let us know using the Guest contact form and we’ll get back to you. If you’d like to suggest someone or a topic you’d like to hear about - use the Listener form and we’ll do our best to find a podcast guest for you.

So until we meet online, this is Larry Barsh and you are listening to Specifically for Seniors. Let’s talk.

Music from Pixabay Music: Indie Folk (Around Here) by Alex Growl

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available on Specifically for Seniors. To inquire about details, please contact us at https://www.specificallyforseniors.com/contact/ .